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WW1 German M16 Helmet mailed home by Brig. Gen. H.A. Allen

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Nice helmet, it also appears to have the owners name on the inside of the rear skirt but I can't read it at the moment.


Thanks Simon! Here's a better view of the penciled name. I believe it is Schmid, or possibly Schmidt. I cannot tell if there is a "t" at the end of the name or not, because there is a small rust spot in that area.


Combining that with the larger painted black letters: "G. Sch.", I would guess his name might be Georg or Gerhard Schmid or Georg or Gerhard Schmidt.


Best Regards,





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Sorry about the burglary because I guess I had forgotten about it; that sucks. You pulled some great stuff out of the woods here back in the day.

Great helmet!



Thank Kurt!


I should have tried to calm down about it happening, and not sold the collection in 1992, about a year after it happened. Yes, it sucked, and still sucks to this very day to have been burglarized. It's an awful feeling of total violation, and not knowing if the person or persons were going to come back for more, or if they saw my parents address sitting on my desk in plain view, and if they would strike there next, where I still had part of my collection. The only way I saw to not worry any longer at that time was to get rid of it, unfortunately.


Best Wishes,



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