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Vietnam Patches and tiger stripes


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I just got back from a trip to goodwill where I found some surprisingly good Vietnam items, which make me question if they are genuine. First are a pair of tiger strips that I couldnt pass up due to the price. They have no tags or stamps anywhere I look and have a theater made feel to them. I know nothing about tiger stripes and have avoided them largely for that reason but did they ever have tailers make them in Vietnam? The way the pockets are sewn onto the pants coupled with a few minor flaws makes me think that they cannot be commercially made since they wouldn't meet quality standards.


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Finally these patches were on a Majors uniform that seemed far too good to be true, from the tags in the jacket looking wrong and not recognizing what Atlantico is I decided to pass but am currious to know if the patches were in fact real.1st is a 131st Avn Co, where the eagle's eye looks different from others I have seen.


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Second is an Aviation company special forces patch that looked very different from others I have seen. The only other one I could find was blue and not full embroidered like this one which is ultimately why I passed.


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