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4 cable drums DR-8-A, DR-8-A FR, DR-4 with questions


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I saved these 4 cable drums from a recycling site. I assume that they are all dated of the ww2 era.

However, as to the cables themselves, I do believe that the only one from ww2 era is the black one with textile cable coating.


The brown and golden cables look to me as plastic coating from a later date.


Is that correct?


Thanks for your feedback.


Best regards




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Thanks phantomfixer!

You mean the whole drum DR-8-A is post war, not only the wire?



Drum DR-8-A: post war

Drum DR-8-A FR: ww2

Drum DR4: ww2


Did I understand that correctly?

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Hi Olivier,

FR = French - that makes sense.


Hence, to summarize:

DR-8-A: post war

DR-8-A FR: post war

DR-4: WW2






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