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Hello (again) from Austria

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I want to say "hello" to the community after a long time of absence from forum.

My name is Lukas, I am 29 years old and I want to learn more about uniforms and equipment of the USMC in WW2 in the pacific war.

The main theme in my collection is the early period of war of the German airforce in WW2.

A relative of me served in the Luftwaffe and I put together the uniforms and flight equipment he wore on the few photos I have.


Now to the US militaria:

I want to equip one or two mannequins with WW2 USMC gear, mainly about the early years of the pacific war like Guadalcanal.

In the next few days and weeks I will get some items for the start like a M41 upper and lower pack, a M1942 camo coverall and a nice P41 jacket.


My biggest wish for the US collection is a P42 camo jacket and a nice helmet with cover. I hope to complete one mannequin this year, also with a cartridges belt and suspenders.


So that's it from my side. I hope to see and learn much about USMC militaria and maybe I am also able to find some items here.


Best regards,



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