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USN flashlight by USA Lite


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Interesting, it appears the body to be of a doped fabric, presumably over a fiber tube. Another indication of very early. By using other indicators, there was a large transition to the use of celluloid bodies by the end of 1942. More durable, corrosion resistant and waterproof. The Buship floating lanterns were tin bodies. The majority of the USCG approved types were of this more modern plastic body.

Cool stuff, man!

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To revive this topic for a minute.

Here is a display of equipment for Merchant Marine lifeboats, included is the floating lamp. Additionally to note is the 37mm flare gun, brass frame type. Fairly common type which were used by the Merchant Marine.





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Another USN marked flashlight - I got this at a flea market last year. All Bakelite case with molded marking USN  NM 815-74434 813-74434-4 . SYM 100.2. I think it is mid 1940's, bulb is 6 Volt. It hold two 6 volt batteries - front has 4 screws that come out to provide access to battery box - it also has a wiring diagram affixed inside. Looks good sitting on a shelf:)





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