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Brass Stamped Wreath & CHB - CW Period? CHB Chauncy Hall Batt.

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I found these two pieces at an estate sale. The pair were in an old cardboard box along with some other older trinkets. I don't know if they were ever joined or from two different pieces. I have some questions.


1. Are either of these CW period?


2. If so, could the CHB stand for Chauncy Hall Battalion?


3. If it's not CW period, approximate date and any ideas of what the CHB stands for?






I almost always have military items online. Don't hesitate to ask questions.





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This type of insignia, a stamped brass wreath with numbers or letters, goes quite late, well into the 1890s, and shows up on caps for various organizations that adopted uniforms of some sort. My guess would be that the last letter stands for "Band" and it represents civilian marching band of some sort 1870s-1890s.

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