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DI Crest "Deceive To Defeat" HQS 23rd Spec Trps ? Real or Not?

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Am I correct that this crest is made for collectors? The 23rd had no service after WWII where this crest would have been worn according to the information I found. Does anyone know if this is made for collectors or used by an other unit ?




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Looks Asian Made to me

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ASMIC has pubbed an article on the 23rd Special Troops (Jan Mar 2019), which incl a detailed interview with a very sharp former member. We also pubbed a Letter to the Editor in Jul Sept 2019 with info from the vet specifically directed toward the wear of DIs.


The 23rd was comprised of the 603rd Eng Bn (camo), the 406th Engr Cbt Bn, Sig Co (Spl) formerly the 244th Sig Co, and the 3132nd Sig Svc Co. both the engineer bins had their own DIs, but only the former had one during the war.


The vet indicated the ONLY jewelry, as he put it, were the DIs worn by the 603rd. He even provided a pic of the shield-shaped DI with the ghost (along with 603rd), and indicated it came along well after the fact


In a 1971 Trading Post, we pubbed a pic of this DI, indicating it was a Fake/Fantasy piece, made for collectors, and does have that Asian made look to it.


To sum up, if ANY dealer tells you this was worn by the 23rd, or the ghost shield, just walk away. Hes misleading you, either directly or indirectly.


See? Another reason to join ASMIC. Protect yourself from bad dealers.


Member, ASMIC.

Editor, ASMIC's The Trading Post

ASMIC Executive VP

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