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Why History Education is Important

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Before Christmas, I went with my church youth group on a visit to an assisted living facility in our town. I knew one of the residents there who is a veteran of WWII. A group of high school girls was standing in the hall so I pointed to his room and said, "Hey. That man in there is a WWII veteran. He was actually at Utah Beach on D-Day." Their response:


"What's D-Day?'


Keep in mind that these were girls who had been through AP (Advanced Placement) U.S. History. I actually didn't blame them. How were they to know if no one taught them?


You all may or may not have seen some of the history videos that I've posted on the Museums, Battlefields, and Monuments page or the veteran interviews that I've posted on the Veterans Recollections page. I've been posting them on here in case somebody might find it interesting but as a history teacher, my primary passion is seeing young people engaged and learning from history. If happen to see a video or two that you like and think is worth sharing with a young person or anyone else, please feel free to do so.


Here is a link to the channel: youtube.com/thehistoryunderground



Always looking for stuff from the 40th Infantry Division (Korean War), the 7th Armored Division (WWII), USS Bunker Hill (WWII) and USS Mullany (WWII).

Check out my history page on YouTube: https://tinyurl.com/historyunderground

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