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My first Mexican War North Carolina Veterans Shield

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Not much. American Society Medals has a section and Doug Boyce did a monograph on Mexican War medals. The Mex War of 1849 is fascinating, especially looked at at a training ground for the men who would become leaders and Generals on both sides in the American Civil War of ten years later.

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Nice medal Robert! Ive never seen one of these from a NC vet.



!!!! WANTED !!!!

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Very cool medal! I had no idea they ever issued anything for the Mexican-American War! It looks like Epenetus Bradley was a private in Company A. Here is an article explaining where they went during the war. He also was part of the 20th Texas Infantry (CSA) that fought at the Battle of Galveston. What a piece of history, congrats Robert!


You mentioned having others before. Do you know if they made any for the Missouri Volunteers? My 3rd great-grandfather Robert Wallace Fleming was with Doniphan's "Army of the West" in the lopsided victories of the Battle of El Brazito and the Battle of the Sacramento River. Outnumbered 4 to 1, the 940 Missouri volunteers defeated the 4,120 Mexicans defending Chihuahua. The attack on the fort at Chihuahua was probably the most lopsided victory in US history with the Missourians losing 1 killed and 8 wounded and the Mexicans losing 300 killed, 300 wounded, and 40 captured. After the battle Colonel Doniphan picked 14 men to carry a dispatch to the Army of Occupation in Saltillo, it was 675 miles away through enemy territory. Traveling mostly at night they made the trek in 13 days and at one point faced down a party of nearly 100 men who had been told to capture the dispatchers but after a brief confrontation they went on their way. My 3rd great-grandfather was one of the 14. His brother was also severely wounded at Chihuahua. If there are medals of the type you have for North Carolina to the Missouri Volunteers I'll have to put it on the top of my medals wish list.


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