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Question - WWI War Bond Presidential Citation

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Hello all,


Attached is a photo of the obituary of a family member, who apparently received a citation from President Wilson for her work selling war bonds during WWI. Does anybody have any idea what this is referencing?


I've looked for newspaper articles from when she would have received the citation, but have found nothing there. I'm curious if anybody has heard of anything like this, or perhaps has a copy of one in their collection. I'd appreciate any and all information about it.


Thank you!



Always looking for items from these men (family members):
Even if not to buy, to know where they are would be great.
Cornelius Doherty - 108th Field Artillery, Pennsylvania NG, WWI Joseph A. Doherty - 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd ID. KIA March 3, 1944.
Harry Riley - 62nd Armored Field Artillery Bn, Died August 13, 1944. Robert Lester Mahler - I/3/24, 4th Marine Div. WIA March 8, 1945.
Thomas R. Riley - USAAF Joshua L. Doherty - With a Seabee Unit, I believe.
Ens. Alex A. Gorski, USNR - Died as a POW, January 28, 1945. Capt. Henry Gorski, USN (ret.)
Remembering their service and sacrifice.

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It is probably a certificate recognizing her volunteer work for the local War Savings Society or similar organization. Many of them would have been handed out at the end of the war so it is probable that there would me no contemporary mention. The writer of the obit may not have really understood what the certificate was.


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