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WW2 cane?


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I am puzzling over an army which would have so many invalids that they contracted to have canes made in quantity. A general hospital might have a need for canes, which raises the question of whether limited quantity specialized garrison hospital material was contracted or purchased on the open market.


I was hoping it might have been BG Theodore Roosevelt Jr's cane, but he seems to have used a different pattern


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Hello RobinB,


I have been fascinated by your cane since you posted it. I recall seeing a barrel full of them as a kid in an Army Navy store in the early 70's (right next to the barrel of mausers & carcanos). It only makes sense that the Army would have a need for them during convalescence as it would be part of the care of a wounded soldier. They also had a need for crutches, wheelchairs, etc. so a cane only makes sense. So, that being said I did a little digging and found that they were indeed part of the TO&E (TO&E 8-590) of the Army Field Hospitals. Rather than repost the wonderful research from the folks at the Med-Depot website here is the link:




The Army had a cane, walking item #7740000 as listed on the site above.


Hope this helps.



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