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T29 smoke bomb markings


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I've recently acquired these empty M38A2 bomb body. It has been used during WW2 as practise bomb or as a smoke one (called T29). As I would like to restore it as a T29, do you know which markings I've to aplied ?

Thanks in advance.



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Charlie Flick

Hello Bertrand:


I am not familiar with the T-29 you mentioned. However, if you want to restore your M38A2 practice bomb to the original markings, the image below from the Raritan Arsenal will give you the details.





M38A2 Practice Bomb 100 lb drawing ed.jpg



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Thanks for your reply.

The T29 I mentionned is illustrated here :



As I removed the green paint on my bomb, I find OD paint on the body and a blue paint remains on the tail like the picture Charlie has posted.

So I think, I will restored it like the picture. Is somebody know the size of the markings ?


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