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Last find , M1.

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Hi from France .


Have buy this M1 , front seem ,almost new old stock but , some krack in visor and rear shell , otherwise ,good condition , however ,have some questions about heat stamp and dating manufacture , the number stamp is 281A, if i refer on abac , is about septembre 42 ,???? but , at this time Mc cord have no began swivel manufacture , and the color of chinstrap is olive green ,cooper hardware, like late war !


how you think about this shell .



I wish in early , happy new year for 2020 at all forum members













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The dimples from welds where the bales are suggest that it was likely manufactured as a fixed bail, which was later refitted, and refinished as a swivel bail. I've owned several that had gone under the process, and was pretty conmon

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Manufactured by McCord in September of 1942 as a fixed bail, then refurbished with swivel bales, new straps, and repainted sometime later.




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