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Army Master Gunner Badge


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The Army has approved a new Master Gunner Badge for graduates of the following courses put on by the U.S. Army Field Artillery, Armor, Air Defense Artillery or Infantry schools, or the Aviation Center of Excellence:

Field Artillery Master Gunner Course.
Master Gunnery-M1/M1A1 Tank Course.
Infantry Fighting Vehicle Master Gunner Course.
Avenger Master Gunner Course.
M1A2 SEP Master Gunner Course.
Stryker Master Gunner Course.
Patriot Master Gunner Course.
The article linked below says the badge is retroactive to 1975.





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It may sound selfish, but as a graduate of the Field Artillery Master Gunner Course (Class 001-09) as well as having proudly served in the role, I am glad that the Army has decided to officially recognize my fellow Mike Golfs with this skill badge. I will most certainly be submitting the required documents to HRC.

Now, if they would only reverse the restriction on "Enlisted" Field Artillerymen to be awarded with the Additional Skill Identifier of 5U for completion of the USAF Joint Firepower [Planner] Course. At the time of my retirement (2017), only "Commissioned" Officers of the Field Artillery were allowed to have the identifier annotated into their records. In fact, the eMILPO web portal drop-box for adding ASIs didn't even list 5U as a selectable option if you were logged into an Enlisted Service Member's records.

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