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US WW2 ID Bracelet, Ground Find.

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Last night I found this very interesting bracelet with a metal detector :)

On the front you can read: John J. Valenti 37400667

On the backsite : Love, Virgina 10.16.44

According to NARA, he was not married.

There is still a small stamp on the sign.

MFG 1/20 12K


Why did he have this bracelet and not a normal dog tag?
Were these bracelets more common among US soldiers?
He should have been in the 3rd Infantry Regiment and guarded German POWs in 1945/46.


Gruß AB45





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He is buried in St. Louis at Jefferson Barracks next to his wife Virginia. Neat find.

Why was he buried there? The Jefferson barracks were closed in 1946. Did he live in St. Louis for a long time?
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Thanks for your answers.

If anyone could confirm the 3rd Infantry Regiment, that would be very good. He might have been to the 9th Field Artillery. Only these two units can be considered for the period 1945/46.

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