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Don't Tell My Wife, But I Want to Date a WAVE...or At Least Her Cap


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I spotted this Navy WAVES cap at an antique shop the other day. My research says it is WWII by the label. But must say I'm a bit confused about the time period these caps were used in. Some sources seemed to indicate they were not authorized until early 1945. But at least one source indicated they were issued as early as 1944. Or maybe I misunderstood. The only photo of one being worn I could find was dated 1951. Woman's service items are scarce in my collection and think this would be a good addition to fix that. Price was $28. Thanks for any info on the cap!



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I would buy it!

I did! A little Christmas present for myself. I went back and grabbed it the day after Christmas.

I also got a not too old western type felt hat at the same store. Just in time for all the rain yesterday.


It must have been a day for hats!





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