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Excellent wartime movie with a less than subtle message about the patriotism of young women volunteering for war production work contrary to social norms.

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Good movie.







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This is a really good homefront movie! Claudette Colbert always pack a punch in her performance, and this doesn't fall short! Jennifer Jones is a bit over the top trying to act 18, but sounds more like 18 going on 6. However, I don't care for Jennifer Jones anyway, so maybe she would appeal to someone who is more of a fan. :) Monty Wooley, Joseph Cotten, Shirley Temple (more grown-up than her prime era!), Agnes Moorehead, Robert Walker, and others lead a very good cast.


Just a bit of trivia . . . Robert Walker and Jennifer Jones were married in real life, although were separated at the time of filming.


Personally . . . the finale is one of the most moviing homefront pieces you'll see. Miss Colbert does a long bit without even talking and if you aren't crying by the end . . . rewind and pay attention! :)


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