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Post your Favorite Helmet Pickup of 2019

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Nice Steven, are those captain bars covered in tape and then painted over?


Super neat.

Yes they are, looks like they were covered with medical tape and the whole helmet was repainted. The bars are welded on too. It sure is a neat one!



Collector of US Army/USMC M-1 helmets and Field-Gear from WWII.

@WWII_GI on Instagram https://instagram.com/wwii_gi/



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I don’t post a whole lot but here is my USS San Francisco helmet I picked up earlier in the year. The hawley liner is named and I found a Archie Estrada on the muster rolls for the San Francisco.

Posted Image




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Paid 3 times nothing for this at the flea market.

Wow! Nice pickup Peter. Found here in Michigan ?

Always looking for named items from Detroit area Vets!


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