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MPLS& Saint Paul Minnesota Military show Dates 2020

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Show dates are set for the 2020 Militarys shows MPLS/SAINT PAUL Minneosta.


Spring Dates are Apr 18-19 2020


Fall 2020 Dates are Oct 3-3


We have a new Web Page up for the show also here is the link..







Tom, Paul M and Jerry R

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I looked at your website and I didn't see how many tables this show features. Could you tell me how many there are please? Thanks.

WANTED: I collect materials of any age related to the US Army Quartermaster Corps and from the long-defunct Commissary / Subsistence Corps. Anything goes and it doesn't have to be identified to a vet. If it's weird or unusual, please PM me! ASMIC #5650

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We are sadly cancelling the Military show in Apr 18-19, the Govener of the state said no gatherings over 250 people and the State Fair has cancelled all events into May.


We are pushing everthing into the Oct 3-4 show hoping this is cleared up by then,


Tom, PaulM and Jerry

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