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M1911A1 Pistol in battery question

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I hope this will be allowed...

the frame is a Sistema , with a USGI replacement slide, post Nam era

and mostly all USGI smalls


The problem is failure of the pistol to return to battery..the last round gets hung up going into the barrel...there have been a few times when this happened around the 3-4 round also, but almost always on the last round..


the original recoil spring is on top, just under 5 inches and very weak,

so ...


I replaced the recoil spring with a EBAY USGI replacement, it was a 16 pound, 6.5 inch spring after a few rounds, the spring compressed to just under 6 inches..


at the range, I swapped the new spring out with a Wilson 18 pound spring...the 18 pound spring eliminated the mid magazine failures, but the last round continued to hang up


the clearance from breech face to extractor is .075...and the tension holds the round in place, with the barrel removed and an empty case slid into place...the empty case does not rattle around, nor does it seem too tight..


the internet seems to lean towards the magazine feed and or spring...


I am interested in your opinions...i know there are some very knowledgeable 1911 folks here...



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did you install a GI extractor? the M1911 pistol requires tuning of the extractor for proper function


I once installed a brand new extractor without tuning and it also jammed and failed to go into battery

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I believe to be a GI extractor..as far as tuning...all I know about it is what I saw on the net...check the gap at .075 and make sure the shell casing doesn't wiggle when in the grip of the extractor and breach face...it might be too tight?


this is how the round looks when failing to go into battery, not the extractor fit check..it does look like the case is getting hung up...or no?


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using a dummy round...I slowly let the slide release and watched the round pick up from the mag and the extractor wasn't compressing to make room for the round and got hung up...used a small pick and pushed on the extractor and the round slid into place...

Tuned the extractor by releasing some of the tension on it..bending it outwards...will check it out next visit to the range..


Thanks Bolo

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