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AN6531 - Type II, late sunglasses variant?

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hello all, I'd be glad finding any member with competence about these glasses, so-called 'rose smoke lenses' variation of standard AN6531.

Got one pair in good condition some years ago, but a few references I've found on Internet seem not 100% reliable - some indicate they were an AAF item and others say they were for all services. Also, they came late in the war with nomenclature AN6531 - 1, Type II. But other sources call them AN6531 - 4, Type II, adding they were also available in green lenses as well (like the standard AN6531), and only afterwards the rose smoke ones came on the scene.

I'd like moving them from an USAAF display of early 1945 to a Navy/USMC that could be late 1943 - early 1944 but do not know if this will turn out being uncorrect.


Thanx in advance for any infos. Here the sunglasses presently on a mannequinn.



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One more photo of the current display.

Actually no serious reasons to swap sunglasses between AAF and Navy/USMC guys, of course putting one pair with green lenses on this AAF impression would be good enough - but as for the opposite, these Rose Smoke variation seems do better on a green-clad, Navy-equipped airman I'm finishing these days.


Thus my doubts about timeframe and service. Thanx.


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To be clear anything marked AN.... means it it could be used by the Army or Navy. AN marked gear can be found on all sorts of stuff. By the way the oxygen mask comm's hooks up to the same box as the throat mike that hangs on the neck. The head set should have the earphones in the cap. The type shown are normally worn with a ball cap or other cap. As for the goggles...you can get away with it. Not trying to be picky but a seat raft on the harness could be proper.

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There should be nothing wrong with the M-1944 goggles, some pics do show them being worn by airmen still in autumn of that year. The same for the headset - photos too, show it in this configuration.

A complete C-2 seat raft is present, hanging from harness' 'D' rings but isn't visible in the above image.

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