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Third Air Division silver charm?

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I found this silver insignia of the Third Air Division at a gold dealer. It had been taken in as scrap silver. It is about 1 inch square and the back is engraved S.M.F.W.S. and SILVER at the bottom. My guess based on the enamel quality and construction is that this is WWII era when the Air Force was still part of the Army - sometime between 1943-1947. It is a little large for a charm so it may be a pendant. Does anyone know what the letters stand for? Is this a homefront / sweetheart item?



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Definitely 60s or 70s, quality is off for even post WW2

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Since it is obviously a sweetheart piece it could be something along the lines of S.W.A.K. or it may only mean something to the people involved.



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At first I thought it was initials like you see on many sweetheart items, but it appears to have been engraved more like a makers mark. There are 5 letters and that is odd for initials.

Maybe Service Mens Family Welfare Service?

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I think it could have come from a tie bar like this one. Not sure if this would be considered a homefront piece or a veteran’s organization piece.


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