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Reproduction M-1950 Garrison Cap Tags

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Hi all,

I have a handful of M1950 garrison caps in my collection and the tags inside them range from pristine to poor condition. Because of this, I went into Photoshop and made some new tags as potential replacements. Instead of keeping them to myself, I figured y'all could get some use out of them.


I have made both Bonita Originals and Miller Bros. cap tags, since they are very similar in design and the change was easy. There are also both khaki and OD versions from each manufacturer. I have made these to the best of my ability- they are not perfect but I made them as best as I could, and matched the fonts as best as I could as well.


These tags are templates and will need the size added into the black box in a program like Paint or Photoshop. Sizes from 6 to 7 7/8 are supplied and sized to fit into said black box.


Google Drive: (they won't let me upload the .zip)



The print size is 1.5" by 2.5" (3.8 cm by 6.35 cm) at 300 dpi. The gray area is not meant to be visible when in the cap.


Hopefully this helps at least one person out there. Thanks for your time.

In memory of Cpl. Thomas Brown, 529th M.P. Company 1952-53.


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