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Identified 39th Infantry WWII canteen

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Last weekend I decided to take a walk through an antique co-op about 20 minutes from my town. After walking through stalls for an hour and a half empty handed, I came across a bucket of canteen sets minus cups for less than $10 a piece. While the majority of them were mismatched stuff, I found a 1918 canteen in a ww2 pouch and purchased it. When I got it home, I found a name and address engraved on the side.

The canteen belonged to Frederick "Fritz" Cronauer of Wellsville NY. He was a technical sergeant in G company, 39th infantry, and a balloon rigger in the ETO. Wounded in April of 1945 in the Rhineland he was awarded the purple heart. He passed away in 2006 at 88 years old. Here is the information I've found so far. ( many thanks to the members here on the forum that post threads with tools for research. I've learned so much from this forum over the years!) Still looking for more information and possibly a photo of him!


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