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leather sling fold removal

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Is it flexible enough to straighten out and clamp between 2 boards, perhaps after rubbing in some Renaissance Wax.


It's very locked into the folded position, probably been that way for decades. Maybe slowly add more weight over a few days, till it flattens out?

US Army

Nam 66-67

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I've read suggestions on line but I wanted to get opinions from here. This isn't the first sling leather problem you guys have dealt with.


And we've probably never come up with a process that works on the worst cases :) (and recommendations to use Pecards don't count).

When it comes to preservation information I like to use the Google links to academic and museum websites.







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I was trying to find solutions on here for brittle leather on part of a tanker helmet and there is no consensus. Some things a few people say work while everyone else yells no and vice versa. From what I read, maybe ren wax. I think there may have been one or two other products. The only thing with any amount of consensus for preservation was no neatsfoot oil type products and that the only thing you may want to use is pure lanolin. However, this will darken lighter leather and has to be heated or baked in apparently. So plenty of research as leather is a particularly tricky material for preservation.

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