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WW2 Japanese Bring Back Trunk Full of Stuff.


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the US stuff that was in the box, nothing really overly exciting, I plan on keeping the set of leggings with his name written inside them and the small almost worthless stuff with the grouping however I am going to sell the cartridge belts and the individual jungle medical kit to try and recoup some of what I paid for the grouping. they are not named or marked to him and in fact the tan belt looks to have a blacked out enlisted laundry number inside one of the flaps.







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Brian Dentino

Wow, what a haul. That IJN helmet is a great example. The cover is just the icing on that beautiful lid, tough shape or not. VERY desirable and hard to find......congrats and well done!

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Dirt Detective

Wild guess, But Maybe the comes are some kind of artillery fuse protectors?




Thats the first thing I thought when I first saw...maybe bazooka ? What is the diameter..

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Thanks, I had a spare couple of shelves in the my living room I had WW2 ammo cans on. I took down the cans and put all the Japanese stuff up there today and yes it is like an instant collection. I plan on restoring the Japanese trunk when I have time and displaying it sort of how I got it. The wood is rotten and falling apart on the top and bottom of one side as well as the rust and the leather falling apart. Obviously I not going to redo the whole thing but I am going to stabilize it and clean it up enough that may wife won't complain about it being in the house.


The cones are about the same size as the cone cups at water coolers.


Actually I the cover went back on fine, no new damage and I got it sitting in the exact same spot.

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Amazing what people throw away! Nice haul.

The large rubber/canvas holders photoed on top of your wall are rear ammo pouches, worn on a belt on soldiers backside. They would have contained a oiler bottle on the side and had a total of 60 rds (4 wedge shaped boxes) on the inside. The large holes on the bottom were to allow your finger to push up a box of cartridges from below. The other four (2 leather and 2 rubber/canvas) were worn on the front of soldier with 30rds in each.

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