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2nd Armored Division Group w/ German Souvenirs

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Purchased from the 63 year old son of the 2nd Armored Division veteran. Like so many disucssions here and elsewhere his kids had no interest in the items. Includes his tanker jacket, ike jacket and theater made Dutch ike jacket. He lost his original medals so the ones pictured were replacement ones ordered from the government. Hope you enjoy!





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Great Find !!!!!

In Memory of Air Corps Technical Sergeant Carl F. Durfee. He died of wounds on 30 December 1944 while serving in the South Pacific. You are not forgotten.

ASMIC member

American Legion member

US Air Force & Air National Guard TAC - MAC

JOHN N. DANIELS ---152nd COMPANY C New York State Infantry--- captured 1864 survivor of Andersonville ---- Great-Great-Great Uncle

Captain Robert L. Hosler, 522nd Fighter/Bomber Sq. 12th Army Air Corp. World War Two P47 Pilot - 1 DFC- 5 Air Medal & 0ne Purple Heart---Uncle

1st Sgt Ann Barry, US Army Air Corp WAC World War Two --ETO --- Aunt

Sgt Willam M. Barry, USMC----Pacific World War Two--Father



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A real piece of history....

Glad to see that this group will no be scattered.

Any idea of the precise unit?

Is it a copy of the "Hell on Wheels" newspaper on the top right of the first photo?

It is possible to have a close picture of the list nextd the theater made Dutch ike jacket?

"Semper in hostes" - 66th armored regiment - 2nd armored division

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Very cool grouping, I love the Ike Jacket.


The 2nd Armored fought alongside the 29th ID in early 1945 in the Ruhr campaign, around the time of taking Julich....I see there are some XIX Corps souvenir maps in the group, and the 2A and 29th were both assigned to XIX Corps in this period.



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Ok, thank you for the kind words. I spend quite a bit of time tracking down stuff and every once in a while you get lucky. Frank passed away in Richmond Va I believe in 2004. He lost all his original medals and the replacement ones were going into a nice shadow box but he never got around to it. I attached a few more pics, could not tell for sure from the documents but some of the post war paper work he seems to be narrowing down and requesting information about the 41st Armored Infantry Regiment. There are four of those large maps put out by the 2d Arm. Division, for better of worse he had three of them laminated. Hell on Wheels newspaper is dated August 1945.


Sorry for the sideways pictures, they keep spinning on me when I upload them!







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Great grouping of items.. If you can find a copy of the book "Breakout at Normandy" by Mark Bando, it is a history of the 2nd Armored Division in Normandy and the 41st Armored Infantry is discussed in the book, as they were part of 2nd Armored Div.


The US Army NCO museum has an extensive collection from an NCO who was with the 41st armored Infantry.. SGT Richard L Rogers.. Sgt. Rogers is mentioned numerous times in the book and he was in the area of an ambush that killed an SS colonel.



"Pain is only Weakness Leaving the Body"

MSG Leigh E Smith Jr  - US Army (Retired)

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Label from the theater made Ike

That Ike appears to be Dutch made. Noorbeek is a place in the south of the Netherlands (liberated by the 30th ID). The 2nd armored were also around in the south of the Netherlands and helped liberate several places.


Gebr. Kynné translates as Kynné brothers. Probably the tailors.



Never give in - never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.




Keep buggering on.

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Thank you for the additionnal photos.

The Hell on wheels newspaper was only published form May to December 1945 during the occupation duty in Germany.

I also noted that you have some copies of the hell on wheels bulletion of the Association. With the newspaper they are good sources of information for enthusiasts of the division.

The presence of a CIB in the group seems to indicate, indeed, that this veteran could have been part of the 41st AIR.

The little booklet "second Armored Division" was often autographed by comrades of the unit, it could be also a good source of information for identify the unit.

"Semper in hostes" - 66th armored regiment - 2nd armored division

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