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Need some serious help on these AAC gunnery Globes

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Recently stumbled upon these images of similar training aid globes but for navigation. Trainees would be orientated using these globes for navigation principles of the earths circumference, then later applied during actual flight. I would think the globes pictured here are fairly self explanatory orientating fighters on optimal angles of attacks towards specific aircraft and illustrating weak and strong points.



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These were developed by a Boeing employee. I have a wartime article about them somewhere. I have the Ju 88 version and used to have a FW 200 example. They are fairly fragile and are rare. I sold the FW 200 version because it had a crack in the plastic. I've only come across two in all my years of collecting.

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I would really appreciate it if you could find that article and send me a copy or post it. I have 7 of these now. 1 fw200, 1 Japanese torpedo bomber, 1 ju-86, 1 Do-217, and the rest are Ju-88s. I really appreciate your response to this post.

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