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WW1 M1917 Fur Mohawk?

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I was recently watching a ww1 drama that included a fur Mohawk on a ww1 helmet. Now I don't usually get into the "stitch Nazi" debate and the show itself revolved around the British. But from a "what was worn" perspective, I thought it'd be interesting to bring up. Obviously we've all seen painted helmets and such. But seeing this in this tv series I found curious. I did do a quick google search and came up with the black and white photo that shows something similar on someone helmet as well as a snapshot from the tv show.


Either way, it intrigued me and I thought it might be of interest. Thanks.



Wanted: Missouri Medals


I am always in search of Missouri Medals and Items. This could be anything from WW1, WW2, Prisoners of War, Ephemera, or anything pertaining to Missourians.


I thank you for your time and consideration.


-Without a witness, they just disappear.-




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I've seen that photograph discussed elsewhere and the consensus seemed to be that it was a burlap cover flapping in the wind.

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