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Westinghouse factory M1 helmet camo'd liner

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No sure I like the inside,Looks to new. For the outside being so worn, Just my thoughts.





Collecting Marine Raider Groups

On the battlefield, Pfc Edward Ahrens, an Able Company BAR man, lay dying, soaked in his own blood.


As his company commander, Lew Walt cradled him in his arms, he surveyed the scene around them. Nearby lay a Japanese officer, a sergeant, and thirteen enlisted men, all dead. Ahrens had been shot twice in the chest and bayoneted three times. He whispered to Walt, "Captain, they tried to come over me last night, but I don't think they made it." Choking back tears, Walt replied softly, "They didn't, Eddy. They didn't."

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Hello Gentlemen,

I am indeed the seller of this liner. While the wear pattern is unusual, I have absolutely no concerns regarding its authenticity. For whatever reason, the exterior paint did not adhere well to the liner's duck cloth. The interior components are all original. Let me know if I can answer any questions!


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