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United Daughters of the Confederacy Cross of Military Service - WW2


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The United Daughters of the Confederacy honors modern day veterans who are descendants of Confederate veterans. Modern conflicts with living veterans are World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam Conflict and the Global War on Terror.


Depicted here are two recent acquisitions which are examples of the cross for veterans of World War 2. Both are numbered, but I do now know to whom they were awarded. The example with the smaller number of issue was made by the Medallic Art Company (MACO). I do not know who manufactured the example with the larger number. I think they might have been made by two different companies. The UDC suspension device is different between the two examples.


UDC_CrossOfMilitaryService_WW2_1000.jpg UDC_CrossOfMilitaryService_WW2_reverse_1000.jpg


(I apologize for the blurry image of the obverse. These medals are quite thick are difficult for a flat bed scanner to image.)



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