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Strange W.R.A. marked 30rd M1 Carbine mags

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I bought these 4 mags as a package deal at a local gunshow. Pouch is USGI, and looks to be dated either 1951 or 57. Two mags are parkerized and SEY marked (Seymour Products I assume). The other two mags are also parkerized, and are marked 'W.R.A' on the bottom spine, and 'USMC' on the floorplates. I have never seen these markings on any 30rd mag before, whether commercial or GI.

Does the 'W.R.A' stand for Winchester Repeating Arms? And was it common to stamp USMC on mags used by the Marines? Or are these just elaborate fakes?




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The ones with the hour-glass shaped cuts are generally considered USGI 30-round magazines. One WRA with hour-glass shaped cuts and one WRA with straight cuts doesn't help much on identifying why the marks are there. They were most likely added after the magazines were manufactured, but at this point, no idea who put the WRA marks on them or why. Sorry that's not much help.


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