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WWII Military Railway Letter with nice letterhead


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Went to a local antique mall today and came across this nice WWII letter related to the 765th Railway Shop Battalion. I was able to find a pdf of the unit history and found my guys name on the HQ Company Roster. Tech 5 Walter C Marynowski from Michigan. Unit Served in England, France and later Germany. This will go nice with a letter I found some years ago from a railway operating battalion and several Railway manuals I have.


Pic 1 Address info on the letter


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I have a nice grouping put together by a member of the 763rd RY Bat. I had forgotten the exact number of his unit. Wonder if the 765th ever served in the same area in Europe. This group of mine has some nice RY engine photos, some paper and a couple of letters. The most interesting part is that there are many mimeographed issues of the: 763 RAILBLAZER ("published by 763rd RY SHOP BN in Belgium.). This all came out of a gunky antique shop. It took two trips, a year apart, to find all the items- I hope I got them all.


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