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1st Div. pot from the same R.I. show, different table

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1st Div. front seam swivel bail from the same R.I. show. Can anyone ID the markings on the sides of this pot? Someone previously tried (rather harshly I might add), to remove a layer or two of overpaint. Looks like the blue and white unit may be 3rd Div. over another unit? Thoughts????





Molan Labe

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Many thanks.

Hey Overlord,


Yep that was my original post and from my table today. I happened to be outside taking a phone call when you came by my table. That was a buddy of mine that was watching the table for me while I was out. Sorry I missed you. As in my original post I also believe the side decals are for the 18th. The day it was saved it was probably 10-15 minutes away from total obliteration. Glad it went to someone who'll appreciate it.

Always looking for 4th Fighter Group and 490th Bomb Group items.






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Yeowwwwww!!!! Well dip me in shiff and call me stinky. I'm not sure now if I'm PO'd or what?


Just a follow up here.......my response yesterday was in haste with a poor choice of words. Disappointed would have been closer than PO'd. Even that would have been wrong. After seeing the initial replies to my post, my initial thought was "here we go again, another fake helmet". Well, it was just knee jerk. Sorry Paul.............................

Molan Labe

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