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M1 - Swivel bail, Front Seam, Poncho Cover

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I previously added images of this helmet on another thread. I now have it in my possession, so I thought it deserved it’s own thread.
So I picked up this Front Seam swivel bail on eBay. The liner is a Firestone. The shell is covered cut camouflaged poncho. The poncho is on the tan side and is quite stiff and firm fitted to the shell. Im actually afraid of moving it much because it seems brittle almost, don’t want it to crack. The shell does exhibit a repaint. I'll post a photo of that too, but its from the seller, I'll get one of mine in the morning.
This was listed on eBay, but the title was messed up and images were poor. Also, the seller did not have a history of selling military stuff on eBay. The auction ended without a winner so I reached out, curious. I was able to get the helmet reasonably cheap. After I paid, the seller let me know that he had a bunch of other military stuff I might be interested in. He let me know that the helmet and the other items were found in an attic on in a house he was working on flipping. I’ll attach images of the other items from the seller below. These items are salty from poor storage. They include a web belt with BOYT 44 USMC marked machete, pistol mag pouch with 2, m1911 clips, one of which still has a round in it.



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Really nice M1 and cover! Although Pacific items are not first on my collecting list I wouldn't mind having this one in my collection. Your shell may be a Schlueter judging by the rounded spot welds near the front seam.



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