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US Remington Model 11 sportsman question

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From what I can tell, it’s a bit of a ‘loaded’ question.... ;)


According to info found in Canfield’s book: If the gun was made with a factory Cutts Compensator, the barrel won’t have any bore markings- not sure of the barrel length on these but they may be riot length....earlier in the War the Model 11 and Sportsman shotguns used for leading and trailing fire training should have had barrels marked with an improved cylinder, and probably the 26” length for those.


The example I have is an early production riot gun with a CYL bore, so not much help there.



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Thanks for the reply. two more questions, Is the stock and barrel numbered to the gun? Thanks Steve


I have never had the stock off of the one I have at the moment, but the barrel number does indeed match the number on the receiver.


I had a later Model 11 some years back that was the later military finish and in flat-new condition....the receiver and barrel did not match on this one, but it was so new I figured it could have left the factory that way...your mileage may vary.. ;)



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My military Model 11 has a serial on the barrel, not visible unless completely disassembled, as it is marked on the area where the barrel and magazine tube ring are welded together. It also has a serial on the stock, which is visible on the wood under the receiver extension, under the wrist. Be careful taking the stock off to reveal the serial number, as it could potentially crack the wood surface if you torque the receiver extension while taking them apart.


In the case of my Model 11, all 3 serials are different. I started with a military receiver that I acquired quite inexpensively, and over the course of the last 12 years, I found an original barrel and stock, and almost all the other parts. I still need a few small internal parts to finish it out. It's been a labor of love to return the original receiver to action, but if I had it to do over again, I'd be better off having bought a complete shotgun.


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