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Unidentified WWII US female uniforms?


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This image is from a small group of unidentified photos. The assumption is they're American women working with a US Army medical facility during the early occupation period in Germany, and I think were in Nuremberg for a time. I've never seen these insignia before. Is this a civilian volunteer organization? The closest I've seen is the American Women Volunteer Service, but the insignia don't match to any of those I can find.





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Yep- those match, thanks. I assume they were doing something for a hospital as other images from this group are at a medical supply office. I'd always assumed these photos belonged to one of the women, now I suspect the photographer was a GI who did some sightseeing with them while the USO was there.

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norwegian blue


Very nice picture on account of the rare patches these entertainers show

The place is definitely Paris, Place de l'opéra, a very common place to visit in the city, then and now

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Great image. Behind the gold-colored statue of Jeanne d'Arc, is the Hotel Regina. I stayed there during my last trip to France in Sep-Oct 2018. It's located across the street from the Louvre. A wonderful hotel.

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