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Help with a WWI Marked Helmet?

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Hello Board. About a year ago I inherited a helmet collection from a deceased relative, and this one was in the mix. I am not a collector of these, and I hoped someone could offer some insight into what the markings represent. The front has "1918-19 AEF" which I discovered stands for American Expeditionary Forces. The back is what is a puzzle. It states "DSC CO 97 ASC". Can anyone tell what this means? Also, the rough-grit finish has popped off in a few places and someone shellacked it. Does this kill the value on a helmet? I know that it can cut the value of a signed baseball in half. Thanks in advance for any input!



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"CO 97" is likely Company 97.


"A.S.C." could be either Army School Center or Army Service Corps, Both were organizations within the A.E.F.


"D.S.C." is typically the acronym for Distinguished Service Cross ... But its unusual thing to see that painted on a helmet. I could be wrong, but in this case, I think "D.S.C." might represent something else.

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Most likely Army Service Corps. Among the many and varied organizations that made up the ASC were Depot and Labor Service Companies. A 97th Depot and Labor Service Company is listed in the Army WW1 Order of Battle. "DSC" could be the soldier's abbreviation for that unit.

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I think this is the unit you are looking for.


Without data, your just another person with an opinion...................


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