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Krag Pocket Oiler

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Thought I'd update this post. According to one book, 6,000 of these pocket oilers were made for the Krag rifle in 1899 because of the humid conditions encountered in Cuba and later in the Philippines. The small oiler in the buttstock was insufficient, so these were made to supplement lubrication of the firearms.

It appears they are somewhat rare, as this is only the fourth one seen (as best I can tell) in the last 10 years. This seems to have come from the estate of a veteran of the 31st Inf Div in WW2. One of their campaigns was in the Philippines, and with the possibility that all these pocket oilers were sent there (the Cuba campaign being over) the veteran picked it up there. It was sold as a flask (the seller could not get it open) and not an oiler, but I recognized it from the pictures on the Krag Collector's Association picture page.

The above information was provided by the Krag forum over on the Jouster web site.


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