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What Leather Holster For A Colt Model 1909 Revolver?

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I know about the canvass Mills holster but what leather holster dated prior to WW-1 was used for the Colt Model 1909 Colt Revolver?


I laid-away a correct 1911-made US Army marked example in about 70% condition today and was just wondering.


I'm figuring it's just a regular pre-WW-1 dated M1909 holster. Just wanted to check and make sure....Thanks.



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I think you're okay....all the ones I've seen were were made by Rock Island Arsenal, and with a date of 1911 you're golden on that.


Thanks. The only pre-WW-1 dated one I could find was a US M1909 holster with the USMC embossing.

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Yep, the proper holster for the Model of 1909 Colt revolver was the Model of 1909 holster as manufactured by Rock Island Arsenal. They are very scarce. I don't have access to my pics right now or I would post one of the example in my collection. The Navy and Marine Corps had their own holsters for their versions of the Model of 1909.





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