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This is a copy of the Spanish 1728 Cavalry sword I just made for a customer. It is a type of sword supplied by Spain to the Americans during our War of Independence from England.


In 1777, King Carlos III of Spain approved four million Reales ($500,000) in bullion for the Americans to purchase arms and uniforms; including 30,000 muskets, swords, knives and bayonets. Many of the arms in question were already arsenalled in the Spanish interior of America, and thus were a quick and easy acquisition as they were already on the continent rather than arms sold by other nations that had to be shipped from Europe.

My copy here is made from measurements of an original sword in the collection of Arizona Historical Society #7366. Sword is 43 inches overall, with a 36-1/2 inch blade. Iron hilt with barred grip of twisted copper wire
If you are interested in seeing more of my Historical Military Art please visit my website: www.irontreeforge.com


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Hi John,


AWESOME work as usual! Love your dedication to historically accurate bladed weapons. -- Matt

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