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Avirex Survival Vest

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Picked up this loaded vest a few weeks ago. Great condition except for the compass not floating but only had a 12 year service life anyway & water bladder is sticky.


Does anybody have a list of what was carried or was it regional? Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


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great find. I have the same vest. but it,s army, also have the tm 55-1680-351-10 my vest is a sru-21/p. left side top pocket compass, bottom pocket prc90 radio set, right side top pocket tourniquet, next pocket,light marker, next with zipper , survival kit, next small pocket knife, the next fire starter. If your vest has the same items, the tm may be the same vest has 22 items Also no one should own a prc 90, I was also the alse man back in the days. did school a hunter hall fort eustic

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