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MOD Paint job on WW 2 Steel pot

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I remember my brother in gradeschool c.1972 getting an "army navy surplus" US rucksack which he promptly magic-markered a big maltese cross on.

It was a cool design back then for kids and nothing to do with bikers or evil intent! :)


So so very cool! Also cross-collectable as Vietnam era Americana. So glad you didn't spray paint it green as a kid!!!

In memory of Honored Uncle William Comstock of Saybrook Connecticut, age 16, murdered by the traitor Benedict Arnold at Fort Trumbull CT, Sept. 6, 1781. Son of Pvt. Samuel Comstock III, brother of Pvt. Samuel Comstock IV, 6th Regiment, Connecticut Line. Your sacrifice is not forgotten. God Bless America. - Kurt C.


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I agree with the biker angle. It looks like it has "Hell Movers" written on the front brim, which definitely sounds like some kind of biker group.


Looking for:

WWII-KW Enlisted/NCO marked M1s

Items related to the Fort Pierce Naval Amphibious Training Base

Medals awarded to Floridians

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While it is a somewhat esoteric field of military collecting these type items do have significant value.

As is, this helmets value is roughly equal to a Plain Jane FB in nice condition.

If you remove the paint you will have a stripped Plain Jane helmet worth half that amount.


Vice Provost of Cross Cultural Inclusion

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