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MOD Paint job on WW 2 Steel pot

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Posting pics of a helmet I was given as a kid in the early 70s. This and a 3rd Army patch came from one of my Dad's WW 2 friends. He gave me the helmet and simply said you'll never find another one like this.... He stated he was in tanks under Patton and he hated him. I was only 7 or 8 when I got this so no story what so ever and he is long since deceased. It came off the basement shelf and the patch was cut from as shirt. I wish I had a story. Do not know ANYTHING about the paint job. For your enjoyment. Jeff


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Personally I think its helmet for somebody working at a moving company back in the day.

Could have been a hippie start up type of thing. Hell Movers.

its Got CP up front. Some small moving company used it I bet.

Prob in the early 70's late 60's. . It would be cool to strip all that crud off there.. Carefully.

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Interesting piece. I agree with Owen. M-1 helmets from WW2 era were, as I may imagine, quite readily available. It would be cool to get a small - as Owen put it, a collection of folk art rigs painted from this era.


Secondly, I swear I can picture M-1 helmets that were in comedy movies from the 70's that were re-painted, not similarly, but ya know..with hippy shinola on them. I can't quite place it though.

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Interesting. I wonder if you could remove the paint - if you wanted to. I've seen posts here of people who have done it.


I have a lid that was similar here... I posted a while back.




It had krylon cammo paint on it. Under that it was covered with a strange green and under that it was metallic purple

with Black stars. And under that a green helmet with what looks like a B. and ? Dont know what and another period.

I may have wiped it off going too fast? It may have beem gone when over painted?

For me personally... I prefer mine with all of that stuff that was on it removed. Wish I had gone a bit slower.

What I wound up with is a ww2 M1c with original chinstraps with a mid 50's 82nd airborne liner.

Ultimately...........Its your helmet. Its up to you what you do with it.

If you are collecting those kind of lids...I'd leave it be...Or as a curiosity to show how they were sometimes used.

Its a choice you have to make what to do with it.


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The other side...

Now to reply to some of the comments. The tape is on the inside because as a kid in the 70's, I put a Vietnam era helmet cover over the paint and set it on my shelf, as I got older I began to appreciate the helmet as it is. I would never dream of stripping the paint off the lid, it is what it is, I think its great. The vet had no kids, he acted like it was his helmet and as I said I have no history what so ever. I wish I did could you imagine if I would have had a pic of him on a Sherman with that thing on! More than likely a post war, testor model paint job. He gave it to me around 73. And I do not follow the moving company comment. This guy was the Register of Deeds in my town. I have had it for 40 plus years and it will sit just like it is, so ugly its cute. Jeff


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Thanks for the extra pictures.


I agree that it has a biker feel to it with the Maltese cross.


Before the extra pictures I wondered if it might have been painted in the WW1 camo helmet tradition.


Some WW1 helmets had crazy paint jobs.


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