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Help with USN Parachute for 1953 Aviator


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What type of seat parachute and harness would a naval aviator use in 1953?


I want to find one for my cockpit seat from a AD-4 Skyraider.



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I'll post tomorrow some pics of a seat 'chute I was told years ago it was USN and was used by pilots of piston-engined planes in about 1948-51. Do not know whether or not is the correct thing, if someone does have confirmed infos please let me know - I still have it but it's useless to me... complete and in great shape, but my collection is by now finished (project was about making a USN pilot in Korea, however priority at the time was for other different mannequinns).

To next one.

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hello, here some pics.

Do not know more infos, seller told me it's the typology of 'chute being in use by Navy pilots of piston-engined airplanes of very late '40s - very early '50s. Nomenclature unknown as far as I'm aware.


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The BlueBookGuy's parachute was used in USAF aircraft.


After the ww2, the QFS (Quick Fit Seat type) replaced the QAC set. Then, in 1948, it was redesignated NS-2 and in about the middle of the 50s, it was still redesignated NS-3.





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