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front sight guard for an '03 Springfield

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I have a nice '03 Springfield with a serial number that dates it to 1934 and with a barrel date of 1936. I'd like to get the guard for the front sight. They are on Ebay, but prices are all over, and some of them talking about the "type 1". What should I be looking for given the date of my rifle? I've no idea about the "variations" of these sights, nor do I really care. I just want one that would have been of a 1936 Marine's rifle.

Thanks in advance, folks!!





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If your front sight base is nice, you might want to skip the guard, they tear up the finish with installation and removal.


Also, there is a USMC type front sight cover that is taller than standard to fit the #10 sights.


Check these links for more info on USMC '03 sights:





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