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Old picture from 1989. Illinois Army Guard.

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Here is a shot from 1989. Fort McCoy Wisonsin.

1st Battallion. 131st Infantry Regiment 33rd Brigade ILARNG.

Walkin through with helmet typically off is the former Captain Jay Pritzker

CO of Charlie Company 1-131st Infantry. He was 82nd AA prior to becoming CO Of C Company 1-131st. He is one of the heirs to the Hyatt Hotel Chain. His Brother is the current Governor of Illinois. If the Helmet off, and the general slouchiness of his gait gives you any clues... You can imagine what he was like as the CO. He tried his best... Here is an example.... He got us a ride on the choppers to a shower point. It wasnt our turn. So he lied to the aviation unit and told them we were Bravo Company.

When we were in the air..... I had the seat facing forward next to the crew chief.. He asked me if we were Bravo Company? I said no..We are Charlie Company.... I wasnt in on the lie. lol lol

He told the pilots.. They looked at their map and brought us down and landed and told us to get out! We did and they flew off and left us in an impact area.The whole company... We made it to a road and radioed for trucks. Theres more but enough said. lol lol lol


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