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Tenn. Military Collectors show Report

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Dave...a super great crowd yesterday...folks had pockets bulging with cash. The show was busy from open to close and everyone seems real happy.They do a humdinger of a job on promoting this event and it pays off. If you don't do the show and would like to, get on the waiting list for tables...you will not be sorry.

Always Buying...Medals...Patches...Wings... Singles or Groups...Top Cash Paid!!!

My Website...http://www.purpleheartsnorthcarolina.com/






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Great Show!! Had a chance to catch up with old friends (Joe Stone & Tarbridge) and met up with "Big John" and Bruce from the forum and managed to find a few treasures



"The Americans on this Island are not ordinary troops, but Marines, a special force recruited from jails and insane asylums for blood lust." -Japanese Newspaper found during the Battle of Guadalcanal - "They Got That Right!!" Chesty Puller




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