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helmet cooking


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Just for fun,


These are two photos from the November 1982 issue of SOLDIERS Magazine, this one I remember reading myself back then, in fact there were several copies in our Day Room, that I took one home with me when I ETSed a few weeks later, haven't had it in many years but was able to find a copy online to buy, as I got into collecting these from the 60s (Army Information Digest/Army Digest) and the 70s up till my time (Army Digest/Soldiers)


In it, the man in the photos, one M/Sgt Mike Mason, a Vietnam 1st Cav Div vet, presumably Infantry (Can't see pockets for CIB) currently serving at Headquarters United States Army patch here


Mason, clearly a long serving soldier, Reminisces on the soon to be replaced Steel Pot with the new Fritz, he claimed to have made popcorn in the helmet one time in Nam, also one time fresh beans, dried Navy Beans, soaked in water to make them soft then using C-Ration grease (grease from Pork Slices etc), plus bacon grease  from the cooks or something, and cooked, both times using C-4 chunks from a claymore to heat helmet.


He also laments the fact that you can't dig hasty positions, or cop a squat on the new Fritz when Taking 10 :lol: .


{style_image_url}/attachicon.gif phpNSFPNmPM.jpg{style_image_url}/attachicon.gif phpqf7zqqPM.jpg


Helmet is first type that’s painted




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My father-in-law was in the 106th Division in the Ardennes, he said a few times during that winter, guys would pour gasoline in a helmet and start a fire to keep warm.

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a shovel could be used as a frying pan , I remember catching cray fish and cooking the tails on a hot shovel


for single servings a metal canteen cup works good enough , they mostly used them for reheating rations


some long bayonets were probably used for weenie roasts or shish kebobs

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this is from Ron Doyler on helmets in use thread....looks like she is boiling eggs or potatoes?


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