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I don't like it. The weave of the cotton looks too "fuzzy". This is an indication that the cotton fibers were not spun too tightly when the thread was made. A while back a forum member referenced the sound an authentic WW2 net makes when it is tossed on a helmet shell. Although, un-scientific as an indication to determining authenticity, is has a basis because of the density of the cotton weave of the thread used to make WW2 period nets.

Additionally, real nets have a rather abrasive feel, again do to the tight weave of the thread. If the net in your photos has a soft feel it would also indicate a repro net.


Here are some photos of my mint WW2 nets on mint helmets:


1 of 4 OD 3/4 inch




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I have a repo net and to me It looks a lot fuzzier than this one which Is why I thought It might have a chance . Honestly having this In hand I don't see much fuzz , but these are still a bit of a mystery to me .

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I think the OP's net has a chance at being real

+1 has a good KW look to it

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I would lean towards it being original as well.


The light 'fuzzing' may have been caused by soaking in water or rot-proofing agents.


Here is a 100% original net in the same size that came out of England a while back. It had an unbearable petrol smell to it.





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